Caring for a vegetable support netting

Vegetable support netting can offer a stable supply of production, there are some care that must be taken into account in order to maintain its productivity. The following are some of the care that should be taken with respect to vegetable support netting:

1. It must be positioned correctly to ensure a good head. If the netting is positioned correctly, problems such as soil imbalance, shading of vegetables and poor drainage can be avoided. To ensure proper installation, the netting should be placed on a level surface.

2. It requires careful selection and unpacking. Prior to installation, it is necessary to check the environment to evaluate the temperature, soil and humidity of the site. The size of the netting must also be determined to ensure that it can accommodate the plants.

3. During installation of the netting, the ends should be properly secured to prevent slippage. Rope, cloth or other material should be used to hold the mesh tightly in place.

support netting

4. Once in place, it is necessary to check for signs of deterioration or damage, such as tears or rips, caused by the weight of the vegetables. If any damage is detected, the netting should be replaced immediately.

5. It is important to ensure that the vegetable support netting is always clean. Dust and soil deposits and accumulations should be removed routinely to avoid root disease.

6. Another important consideration is to ensure good drainage for the roots. To avoid suffocation of the plants, it must be ensured that their roots receive good drainage. This can be achieved by installing drainage under the mesh.

7. It is advisable to keep the mesh away from direct sunlight to avoid drying out. The screen should be installed in a partially shaded location to limit direct sun exposure.

How to maintain a healthy crop

To ensure a stable and healthy crop, it is necessary to pay special attention to the vegetable support netting. Proper harvesting and cleaning of the netting is essential to maintain its durability, stability and quality. By applying this care, growers will be able to enjoy healthy and productive plantations. It is important that vegetable support netting be maintained regularly to ensure that it looks good and is weather resistant. Maintenance begins with proper installation of the netting so that it is stable and strong. The right place to install the netting is a well-drained area with good sunlight but no frost. Once installed, the mesh can be secured with plastic strips to prevent it from moving in the wind. Once installed, also make sure that the vegetable support netting is cleaned regularly.

vegetable support netting

This means removing any dirt, branches and weeds that may accumulate on it. A suitable cleaning brush (wire and plastic) and soapy water to remove dirt and debris is important for this. It is also important to remove vines and fungi that may accumulate on it. An important aspect to consider in order to preserve the mesh is to keep it free of fungi, pests and infections. This will obviously require certain pesticides or fungicides to prevent the plant from being affected. For this, the type of pesticide or fungicide will have to be changed according to the various crops to be supported, to ensure that it does not produce a negative effect. In addition, it is recommended to give an anti-aging treatment to the netting once a year, to keep your netting elastic, supportable and durable.