Trellising plants with vegetable support net

Vegetable Support Net Substitutes Raffia

Fruits of cucumber in open field crop.

Vegetable support net is the most efficient way to train and tutor your crops. This trellis netting is plastic mesh created just for keeping your vegetable plants upright as to avoid contact with the soil and decrease the possibility of diseases attacking your fields.   High humidity levels increase the rate of fungal attacks to your plants so keeping the plants well ventilated and exposed to the solar rays is essential in order to control the sanitation of your crops.

The trellis netting support system for vegetables.

The best mesh size for vegetable support net is 25 x 25 cm, (10 x 10 inches) as this wider opening allows the hands of the workers to prune and harvest through them without any abrasion and damages to the plant and fruits as it often happens with smaller meshes where for being so narrow the plat will be cut, and these cuts are the perfect attack points for phytopathogens as they bypass the natural defenses of the plant and enter the lymph system.

Vegetable support net is also an excellent method to reduce plant stress, as every time the workers have to tutor the plant with the traditional agricultural raffia they inadvertently reorient the leaves away from the sun (lets remember that plants are optimizes of resources so they aim for efficiency), so using a trellis support that allow the plant to grow freely and not be disturbed seems to be a much better option, as the plant can concentrate on growing fruits and increasing crop yields rather than constantly having to rearrange its leaves to the new solar position.

With the vegetable support net the farmer can better use the row spacing.
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