What is support netting or trellising netting?

The support netting or tutor netting is a structural support system designed to facilitate the growth and development of crops in vertical structures.

Support netting is a key element in the successful growth of a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and shrubs, such as grapes, tomatoes and raspberries, as it provides the structural support necessary for crops to develop optimally. This netting helps maintain the structure, support and stability for vegetable crops to grow. These systems are specifically designed for the natural environment, providing an efficient system for growers to provide the best care and quality for their crops. Agricultural support netting is manufactured from a wide variety of materials from galvanized wire, steel, polypropylene fiber, vinyl or PVC.

support netting

These nets can be available in various sizes.

colors and thicknesses to meet the specific needs of farmers. The nets are equipped with sewn structural knots and contain strong frames to absorb weight and provide structural strength. These frames are also designed to offer greater durability than common materials used for support, such as traditional steel supports. Agricultural support netting can be used to provide structural support for small, medium or large plantations in an economical and efficient manner.

Support netting or guardian netting offers greater sustainability compared to traditional steel supports.

as it offers higher strength, greater durability, greater support and greater flexibility for the creation of netting and crop sites. These nets can also create a favorable atmosphere for crop growth, as it can provide a greater amount of shade to protect from extreme weather. In addition to providing physical and structural support, it also offers adequate water absorption and good airflow storage.

This allows farmers to build a variety of structures creating crop ponds without escalating costs.

In addition, users can choose to customize their supports with a variety of accessories to achieve the desired effect.

, such as additional mesh supports, supports and brakes, as well as stronger support structures. These additional features not only help growers improve structure and production, but also increase safety. Support netting is also ideal for providing efficient pest and weed control, as pest and weed control zones can be created. These zones will control infestation and prevent insects from landing, which is an important factor in crop safety.

The trellising netting is a versatile system for growers, allowing them to improve the production and safety of their crops. It offers higher structural strength and durability to crops by providing adequate support for optimal crop development. This netting also facilitates the creation of pest control zones to prevent infestations from occurring, reducing crop damage.

support netting

What are the main uses?

The vegetable support netting is a very useful tool in gardening and agriculture, it is a top quality product, manufactured with different materials, designed to ensure the least crop loss. Its strength and durability make this netting an ideal choice for a wide variety of uses. The main applications of vegetable support netting in agriculture and gardening are:

1. Tree support:

with the netting, you can protect young trees to prevent breakage and load stress. This prevents trees from falling down due to wind, snow, cold, etc.

2. To prevent berries from falling:

Some heavy berries such as blueberries can put enormous pressure on young trees, using the support netting can prevent them from falling to the ground prematurely. This will ensure that the trees will get more nutrients for the ripe berries.

3. Crop protection:

Vegetable support netting is ideal for protecting crops from different pests or diseases. These nets protect the crops in addition to generating a microclimate, maintaining higher temperatures and humidity inside the covered area.

4. Erosion control:

The use of plant support netting can help control soil erosion. The nets have the capacity to contain the soil, preventing wind and water from eroding the soil and affecting the harvest.

5. Aerial anatomy:

These meshes are ideal for aerial anatomy, allowing the formation of trellises for the climbing of different types of plants. These systems allow to obtain higher production with less cost.

6. Landscaping:support netting

It is common that for the creation of a garden, users use the mesh to support shrubs and flowers, allowing the elaboration of specific shapes. This mesh is very versatile and is ideal for placement in a garden.

7. Reinforcing foundations: support netting

Some greenhouse foundations can be subject to constant pressures from wind and rain, the support mesh comes in good aid to keep the foundation strong and sturdy, maintaining its stability for a longer period of time.

Vegetable support netting is a useful material in gardening and agriculture. It has countless uses, from tree support to landscaping. They are cheap, safe and easy to install, which makes them the best option for their different applications. This netting is the best ally for saving time, money and resources in crop production. We can say, without a doubt, that the application of vegetable support netting is essential to obtain a clean and healthy harvest.

How does it work?

The vegetable support netting keeps your herbs and vegetables at the right height for optimal sunlight absorption, making it easier for you to water and prune your plants.

even in high winds or heavy rains.

There is no better way to ensure that your herbs and vegetables grow and stay healthy than with the use of a vegetable support net. support netting

A vegetable support net keeps your plants at an optimal and minimal height, allowing for even watering and maximum sunlight absorption. These screens can also keep your herbs and vegetables protected from insects, pathogens and predators that could damage them and limit their health.

Using a vegetable support net can also help increase your production. It makes it easier for you to water and prune crops evenly, which gives your plants the right amount of water and nutrients and will keep them free of weeds. This netting also increases the longevity of your crops by not allowing weeds and vegetables to shift during the germination process, allowing for healthier and more consistent growth.

support netting

By using a vegetable support net, you also save time and labor. support netting

These screens don’t need constant maintenance and often last for many years, which means less time wasted trying to fix broken screens and more time with your crop. Their interconnectable designs also allow for lateral rainfall, eliminating the need for manual labor and minimizing the amount of water used in the irrigation process.

In summary, vegetable support netting is an excellent choice for people who want to get the best results from their plants. It provides secure support for your crops, because of that. keeps crops at an optimal height for better sunlight absorption, protects crops from pathogens, insects and predators,helps increase production, reduces maintenance time and saves water in the irrigation process. If you are looking to grow your plants in a healthy and cost-effective way, vegetable support netting is an excellent choice.

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